Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What to do when things aren’t going your way ?

Many times in our life we plan for a certain thing and it seems that life conspires against us to give us something else that we don’t really want. What can we do about such circumstances?

From my experience I have found that there is a lot one can do. And that you can interpret the circumstance positively or at least neutralise the negativity in it. You have to have the ability to reinterpret an event or circumstance. If you don’t have that ability then it will be very hard I think. But with it you can progress very far I believe. It’s similar to reframing.

So here I will put forth some examples  from real life experiences to demonstrate the point. Being a believer in a higher power that is also of good nature ( you can call it God or the Creator etc) that has put us here for training/learning then this is how it works for me: say I was out on holiday and hoping that the next place we would go to was another beautiful scenic view but unfortunately the majority vote was to go into the city and the whole day became a waste of time. Here I can say I’m being tested with this scenario to see how I would behave. Will I turn gloomy or will I try to find some new way to combat the gloom ? So I choose a way to combat it. This makes me more positive and less gloomy. Eg you can say you are happy for the others , or that if that is what God has decided then I too am happy with this decision. You may be surprised by how many ways that you can find to uplift yourself when you have decided that being gloomy isn’t for you. I did this and the last trip of the day turned out to be so beautiful as we didn’t stay that long in the city centre area and they found time to go elsewhere. So there was a very positive unexpected result at the end of it for me ( maybe because I chose to reinterpret the matter and choose positiveness as the driver, not gloom. Gloom doesn’t tend to get us very far in life ).

Another example, someone came in a car saying there is a beautiful place and he could take us up in their car. We were just one more person too much to fit into the car , though and the place was not easy to park at, so instead of trying to exclude someone I interpreted it as a message ( from above) that we shouldn’t go to that place.  People were ok with this and we then found another beautiful area for all of us.

The last example with my son not being able to get out of a contract he signed for a university accommodation place. He was trying to find someone that could take his place but was finding it hard as no one had replied to his ad about the issue. I told him maybe this accommodation is actually good for you even though you think the other is best. Maybe the higher power is sending a message to keep with that place? So I told him to keep trying to find a replacement but if he couldn’t it means that there maybe be a message for you. So instead of changing reality change instead yourself to accept this place and believe that God is saying it is better for you. This way the unhappiness is gone ! (Hopefully).

So basically always look for another message possibly being sent to you. The higher power trying to guide you to a better pathway even though you may not have thought so.  Keep an open mind. Be aware of another presence communicating with you in subtle ways to help you and teach you in your journey on this planet.

Ali Twaij

Thursday, August 15, 2019

On why the human being is an amazing creature

Out of his or her environment the human (who can be from anywhere and from any time) can be looking at their situation and making an evaluation of it based on the knowledge and wisdom they have so far acquired. Then if they use their mind logically & independently  (as opposed to copy those around them) they can cut a path for themselves that is unique to them. When they realise that they made a mistake at some juncture they can choose to learn from it and renew themselves and realign better with truth and goodness. In this way they continuously evolve into new incarnations of their previous selves reaching great heights depending on their learning ability and usage of their mind ( especially with the power of curiosity). You then have an elevated highly developed and many times reincarnated being verses others who chose not to think much and not to learn well from their life’s mistakes. Who let others think for them and direct them , they never cut their own pathway to start with. That’s why there is such a huge variety of humans over time as well as geography. Thinkers being one grouping and non thinking followers another. The speed at which we progress and evolve is determined by how independently minded we have become. And it’s never too late to learn the lesson of the importance of being independently thinking. For it is the way to our freedom and to forge our unique journey into this life that we’ve been given. To study it and understand its mysteries as well as to uncover its secrets. So if you want a mystery start activating your mind and being curious. And if you want a dull uneventful life just copy those around you and let fear stop you from knowing your true self.  For the real journey starts with diving into ourselves trying to see what’s in there and asking how deep can we get. 

Aug 2018
Feedback welcome 
1- I understand reincarnation as a reinvention of yourself and mindset ( as well as persona) whilst alive in this world. I think this was the original meaning of the word which later got distorted. And it’s about how we evolve while we are living here. Those that reincarnate a lot elevate into higher consciousness. This is for positive reincarnation. 
2- This journey in self awareness and knowledge can happen to any human being. It doesn’t matter your skin colour or if you’re from a third world or first. What matters is if you use your mind or not. If you think independently or not. Male and female also isn’t important. Any human can go either way. The path of positive elevation or to stay low level. It’s a choice we make for ourselves and live the consequences. And we can change that choice any time. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

How to climb your Mount Everest?

Some people choose to actually go and climb a real mountain and risk killing themselves or losing some toes while others provide themselves a better experience. How ? By regarding whatever great difficulty you currently have in your life (could be your weight loss project for instance) as your Mount Everest. Then you can make your plan about how you’re going to do your climb. You can also imagine how things will look when you have climbed your mountain, and so on.  And after Everest you can climb your next virtual mountain and keep climbing !
Good luck !

Sunday, May 28, 2017

How to get deep into your self

How to get deep into yourself.
An exercise in deep access.

This is both simple and powerful I have found. And can help change your self significantly I believe.

Sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes. Then ask yourself this very simple question. "What is in my self now?"  ie what are the emotions inside of you now. The feelings. Urges. Etc. Is your mind calm or racing with thoughts. If so then what thoughts. And why these thoughts. What if you ignore them. What will this lead to.

If you see emotions or feelings then analyse them too. By looking at each thought or feeling or urge or desire etc and asking yourself more about it , e.g. why is it there , you slowly start to dive into yourself. This dive can help channel your life differently and move you to a different destination. Eg if you deal with the urge to want to eat food then you can become thinner. Eg by looking at the root of this urge. Is it because food gives you happiness? If so why do you need this happiness. Dig deep and see where you get to. This self analysis can be very beneficial. And can apply to anything inside you that you are not comfortable with.

Then when you sit again another time repeat that question. What's inside you now. And continue this diving. After a year or two you may have made significant progress in improving your life.

Best of luck 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Amazing advice !

Amazing advice. Only 5 mins but deep.
"Don't Be Sad This Life Is Only Temporary - Hamza Yusuf"

Parenting advice

The best way to be a good parent i think is to be a good human being. Why? Because children copy our behaviour at the end of the day more than they listen to what we say. So we should get knowledge that helps us become good people rather than knowledge that doesn't change us.  Just learning isn't enough. We need knowledge that helps us change and improve our humanity.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A must watch Ted talk

This is wikked !

If you want to be happy at work then watch this. A must watch Ted talk.